Our Stringent, No-Nonsense Approach to Health
and Safety Is at The Heart of Our Business

ADM Plumbing Contractors Ltd are a registered member of the SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement).  As a member, our main aim is to create a safe working environment for our staff and clients, through capable assessments, and planning.  Every job we conduct is overseen by our qualified safety consultants.

An Exemplary Track Record

We’re proud of the fact that our business has a truly outstanding record when it comes to health and safety. This is due to our rigorous approach to the matter, ensuring that every box is ticked and leaving no room for error. We’ll never cut corners so you can rest assured that all our work is highly dependable and, above all, safe.

Constantly Revising and Improving Our Attitude to Health and Safety

Working throughout Staffordshire, Cheshire and Shropshire, we employ a team of expert consultants who receive up-to-the-minute health and safety training to ensure that we’re always adhering to the latest legislation. When you hire ADM Plumbing Contractors Ltd to work on your property, you’re also receiving a guarantee that all the work will be conducted in a completely safe, informed and professional manner.

Taking Our Responsibilities Seriously

As a committed plumbing contractor, we fully recognise that we have a vital set of responsibilities. To you, our customers, to our staff, to the quality of our work and to the environment. We work extremely hard to ensure that all our work is carried out in an environmentally sustainable manner; all on-site waste products are recycled or responsibly disposed of. We’re constantly striving to provide exceptional work without jeopardising our carbon footprint.